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LionsDen Mature - Is It Worth It?


To give is to recieve
Hello everyone,
If you play MineCats LionsDen and have seen me (I used to be WolfiFuur), you've also seen the (*) after my username in chat. This is for Mature. It's a little bonus for members to buy that allows access to mature chat (/ch m). With great power also comes some flaws.
For one, I am also Guardian. I should be able to use guild commands. Well, I can't due to the Mature addition.
There's also the issue of other players not having it. Only the members who donated and got mature and staff can see the mature chat. Not too fun if you're the only member who has it.
All in all, mature is great if you want to talk about mature topics and be able to swear, but not really worth it since you lose access to some commands.


To give is to recieve
I prefer to see the mature role as a basic donation to the sever. Yea, no one is there but you helped the server when you donated. thanks


Staff member
We're building the new ticket system. When it's done, I'd like for you to put in a ticket. I'm going to have a bug reports section.

NOW, just because something comes across as a bug does NOT mean it will be handled right away. However, permissions issues should be.