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MInecats 1.14 plans

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GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! - Prof. Farnsworth, Futurama

Minecats is currently compatible with 1.14 clients. HOWEVER there are some issues. I'll explain:

All of Minecats Minecraft servers are currently 1.13.2 servers. Except the Skyblock & Parkours server, which is 1.12.2.
We are using ViaVersion on our Bungeecord server, which allows 1.14 and 1.13.2 clients to connect to ALL of our servers.
This means you can use the new 1.14 client to connect to all of Minecats, if you wish. It also means you can continue to use 1.13.2 clients to connect as well, which is helpful if you're using Optifine.

Access to the servers with 1.12.2 clients is no longer possible. We will be updating Skyblock & Parkours to 1.13.2 in the near future. In the mean time, 1.13.2 and 1.4 clients may connect to Skyblock & Parkours still. Some Parkours with 1.13.2/1.14 however may become more difficult, and may even seem impossible. If you find a parkour you cannot complete, please try another one.

Currently, Minecats uses a modified server implementation (Spigot) to run our game servers. Yes, Mojang has released their 1.14 server, however it will take time for the Spigot developers to release a good, stable, safe build of Spigot for 1.14. Until that time, Minecats will remain running 1.13.2.

Minecats has a "testing" server, which we call Snappy. Snappy is focused on testing Mojang SNAPSHOT servers. Between their snapshot cycle, we will run a full version server on Snappy. This means, Minecraft 1.14 (from Mojang, currently) is hosted on Snappy. We plan to change Snappy to a Spigot 1.14 server. We will start with a development build, and if it is stable, will continue to host Spigot 1.14 on Snappy. If it is not, or we have issues, we will revert to Mojang's 1.14 server, until Spigot 1.14 *release* is out. After some testing there, we will promote Minecats Vanilla to Spigot 1.14, to test our basic plugins and provide access to a 1.14 survival mode server through our network of game servers (being able to do /server vanilla instead of having to disconnect and connect to Snappy)

We will be running Spigot 1.14 on Vanilla for some time before updating any other servers. Any Spigot 1.14 server we run will be accessible only with 1.14 clients.

In short:
We're waiting for Spigot 1.14 to be properly tested and polished before updating our mainline game servers.
We have a testing server (Snappy) for you to help us to test things, find exploits, bugs and "It's a feature, I swear!"
We'll be updating Vanilla to 1.14 before any other server.

To connect to Snappy:
To Snappy, for testing 1.14 stuff, use test.minecats.com

To connect to Minecats:
For our mainline games, such as Creative, LionsDen, etc, use these addresses:
play.minecats.com (our main address)

If play.minecats.com gives you connection issues, try using one of these addresses, which connect you to different places in the world, and which has a stable connection to our game server. Snappy is not available through these address, sorry.
us.minecats.com (Minecats' gateway for the North and South American continents and islands)
eu.minecats.com (Minecats gateway in France, for players in The EU, Africa, and possibly Asia & Oceana as well)
uk.minecats.com (located in London, for UK and North Europe)
sg.minecats.com (in Singapore, for Oceana, Asia)

Try play.minecats.com first, if you have issues, try the gateway closest to you - But mind you, how the internet works, another gateway may be more stable and less laggy. If you have issues connecting to ALL of the addresses, let me know!
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