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NEWS Minecats 2021!


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The past year has been bleak. The future may not be much brighter. On the other hand, 2021 may be a golden year. We'll have to see what the world brings us, and do our best to make it a great year!

Minecats' Minecraft servers have been back online in a limited capacity for the last couple months. I've been toying with the idea of making Minecats invite only (whitelisted) but have chosen, at least for the time being to not do that.

Short Term
I recently put a poll up on our Discord *Community Server* in which I asked a simple question:
Due to 1.17 (coming out in January) changing the world again, which server should have a world reset now, and which should be reset in March (when I plan to update Minecats' Minecraft servers to 1.17) - Vanilla or Survival.
As of writing this, there is 27 to 6 vote to reset Vanilla now.

In some sense, that works great, because Survival will get a fresh world when 1.17 comes out. Vanilla will get an expanded world. So, bravo on that.

With that, I'll be updating Survival to 1.16.3 and spinning it up again. There's several plugins which are broken, however, and there's no alternatives for them. This means some changes will have to happen. This can't be helped, unless someone updates those plugins.

Once Survival is up and running again, I'll be resetting the Vanilla world, all except the spawn area. We'll be keeping that.

Long Term
I've also made the decision to build a new Creative server, called Minecats Plots. It will go well with Classic, and the current Creative will become Creative VIP. That's the current thought at the moment. When I create Plots, there's going to be some changes to the limits places on the players on the server. I think most will enjoy these changes, as I am planning to make the server much more free in functions and features. There will, however, still be certain things limited to donator positions.

Parkours has a new server. It's not ready yet, and will take time for staff to move all of the parkours to the new server. Seia (Seian) has built an absolutely wonderful lobby for the new Parkours server, and I'm more than excited to show it off to everyone. There's a lot of work to do before Parkours will be opened again, however.

Guerra has made an absolutely stunning spawn city for LionsDen season 2. It will be the hub of all activity aside from building, mining and farming. There's going to be several worlds in LDs2, all with diffent focuses and gameplay activities. Like Parkours, we're still far from opening LDs2.

We've got the operational costs cut down to about $250 a month to run Minecats. This includes the electric, dedicated internet service, and ancillary hosting we need. We've been paying this out of pocket for most of the year (2020) - but would greatly appreciate any donations to help run the servers. You can do so either through our Tebex (BuyCraft) store, or directly to me through paypal here - If you wish it to be anonymous, use the paypal link.

I've been taking on more outside jobs to help run Minecats, which means less time for me to work on Minecats. For Cindy and I, Minecats is a hobby. I have learned about as much as I can from it, and no longer consider it a route to increase my skills as a system admin. Because of this, and many other factors, Minecats has been scaled back considerably. I would like for Minecats to be commercially successful - meaning, I would like for it to pay for itself, so I can focus on working on the servers rather than working for the servers. Regardless, Minecats will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, even if I have to continue to pay for it. This is my gift and show of love for this community, one which I hope is embraced by the community as generosity.

We've recently attained "Community Server" status for Minecats' Discord. This is pretty cool. There's a few things this will allow us to do in the future as well. Currently, we need 10k users to be accepted for the "Discovery" program - which would allow our Discord guild to be found through official Discord searches. To become a Partner, we need much more server activity - more members to visit and talk more often. These are requirements which I can't directly fix.

For the foreseeable future, Minecats' Discord will require a valid phone verification (done through Discord, NOT by us) to join the server. This is done to prevent bots and alts, and those wishing to cause havok and chaos in our community. I only wish I could have similar controls for the Minecraft game servers as well. This should not affect anyone who is currently a member of the server, however anyone who leaves the server and rejoins may be required to verify their account through Discord via cellphone.

Future Minecats
I've been watching the Minecraft Bedrock communities closely. 2021 may be a good time to stand up some Bedrock servers (for consoles, tablets, phones, Windows 10, etc) That may be an option in the future we take.

I've also been looking at other games we may host for the community. Unfortunately, most of the games we can host, no one in the community seems interested in. All the games the members of the community are playing, have no dedicated server we can install. Some games have servers we can rent, but the cost is considerably higher than self-hosting a game server.

Freedoms and Openness
I'm also wanting to remove many of the limitations and barriers of many of our game servers. This is a lot of work though, as deciding what to keep as a donator perk and what to give away freely are difficult decisions. This is compounded by the sheer number of things we have to decide this for. Our new Plots server will be built with this in mind, and anywhere I can easily allow the players more freedom, I will. This will be done, hopefully, in a way that will keep us within Mojang's ToS for servers, keep routes for income, and balance player happiness.

I want players to enjoy the games. I also need to ensure that there is some reason left for players to donate to Minecats. I was once told "Don't make them pay for anything, and they'll donate anyways" - I've never seen that happen. I've had "Bragging Rights" up on the Buycraft store for 2 years, and have only had a couple of people use them to donate to Minecats, and they had already bought everything else.

Maturity & Acceptable content
Minecats is a family friendly community. That, as I've come to learn over the last few years, means different things to different people. Because of these reasons, I have set aside channels for more mature topics. The hope was that conversations of a less than child friendly nature would take place in these channels. Instead, I have been met with remarks calling me bigoted, facist, etc because of the topics I see as not suitable for children.

Let me put it very clearly: Minecats is NOT a platform for ideological debates, for pushing agendas, for disseminating religion or politics, or for discussing or acting upon illegal activities. Doing these things will get you a single warning. Continuing or arguing about it will get you banned. You don't get to decide what is age appropriate nor what is suitable for the mature channels, and when you're wrong, you will be told so. This is a fight you will lose. I'm tired of the agenda pushing - from both conservatives and liberals and everybody in between.

Minecats is a community of people who have come together to play Minecraft and other games, to build friendships and to have fun. Making an issue out of something that don't need to be made an issue of, causing problems, making others uncomfortable with continued topics and subjects is NOT part of that. I'm tired of the BS. We're here to have fun. It's your responsibility to have fun AND allow others to have fun when they are not harming anything. It's MY responsibility to ensure you do so.

So, just because you're in the "Mature" chat does not mean you get to be as immature or exert your "superior" ideologies or agendas on others. Keep the conversations moral and ethical, even if they aren't appropriate for children - IN THE MATURE CHATS.

Let me give some very specific examples here:
LGBT discussions: Fine. Have them. Do not tell me that they should be acceptable to discuss with children. If you're in a relationship and want to refer to your significant other, you can do so without making it a point that you're gay or lesibian, etc. Again, this is not the place for anything more than that. Nor is this the place for heterosexual couples to discuss their sexuality and to force their veiws of sexuality on those in the LGBT community, or to push it on anyone else.

Religion: Cool! You've got one. You think it's the best thing ever. You might thing it's the only religion that should exist. Guess what, every other religion has people just like you. That's great too! If you want to mention a holiday, to celebrate your religion, to say what's going on - that's fine. That's awesome! Minecats is not the place to neither push your religion on others, nor to attempt to convert others to your religion. Let's not. You're welcome to be here with what ever religion you have, as long as you allow others the same existence.

Other groups: This is a tough one. Why? Because every group can be seen as hateful and detrimental to some other group. HOWEVER, There are a few which will get you banned from Minecats for demonstrating: The Ku Klux Klan; AntiFA; anything Nazi related; anything targeting any religion, culture, nationality, race, creed, sexuality, gender or financial status in a bigoted way. If I need to explain any of these to you because you belong to or agree with these groups - you probably ought not be here at all. If you can't let others live and have the opinions and choices they have, then I won't allow you to be here. Plain and simple. I'm tired of the BS.



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Harsh, I understand - But if you can't be part of our group, our community and feel the only way you can be is to change the community forcefully by pushing your agendas, ideologies, politics or other beliefs - then this is not the community for you. If you can look past those differences and accept that other members of this community have a different view on the world and life in general than you do, then please, by all means, come, hang out, be awesome.

Let me be very clear here: I would rather have 10 members who can get over it and have fun than 1000 self-entitled, triggered spoiled brats who can't accept the rules. I do hope, however, that Minecats can grow with people from all walks of life, coming together for one purpose: To have fun playing games together.

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