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NEWS Minecats goals for 2020!


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Minecats goals for 2020

Our first goal is to get Skyblock up and running by the end of this week, and get all the major features added by the end of February. That is a realistic goal, and all of the plugins we're planning to use are updated for 1.15 already. The staff working to build the spawn are doing an amazing job and it looks beautiful!

The second goal I have is to get LionsDen season 2 up and running by the end of March. I know that's still 6 weeks out, and currently I'm not sure how realistic that is with the state of Slimefun and the addons like ExoticGarden.

The next goals are more or less random prioritized.
Finish the LuckPerms permission system for all servers
Get Classic to a point of being inviting to players, with all the info they need to enjoy the server
Make VIP world accessible and usable for donators on Creative (this requires LuckPerms to be done)
Add 24 jump, fly, swim, crawl and maze courses to Parkours server by the end of the year - that's only 2 per month!
Add a creative world to Parkours where players can create and build courses for Parkours, using all the features on the server - This will allow for some awesome builds they creators will KNOW will work on Parkours, because that's where they're built, AND allow for staff to much more easily move the parkours from player claims to the parkour world.

Fix some issues on Survival, such as economy not working properly.

By the end of 2020, I want to have a total of 12 game servers. These servers will be grouped by game type/mode and will have differences in difficulty, goals and challenges, and overall experiences.

Creative servers:
Plots with VIP

Survival servers:

Adventure servers:
Catropolis (A Towny server)

Game servers:
MiniGames (Minecats Arcade)
CatFight (a pvp server, with 3 or 4 game types)
Parkours (jump, crawl, fly, swim and maze courses)

This is the goals for Minecats in 2020. See what you can do to help us achieve these goals, read the "We're "Hiring"" thread!

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