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Minecats Snappy has returned! (New server, who dis?)


Staff member
So, for at least a little while, Minecats' Snappy 20w09a (Minecraft snapshot) server can be joined by going to play.minecats.com in Minecraft 1.16 20w09a client.

There's some things to remember though:
Snappy is:
- a Minecraft 1.16 server. You can't play on the main servers and switch to Snappy. Just, not possible right now.
- running Mojang's Minecraft 1.16 SNAPSHOT 20w09a - which means YOU have to run the 20w09a snapshot client.
- an unregulated, unmoderated, experimental server. Don't join if you're easily offended!
- *NOT* a high priority server - if it crashes, it may be some time before I fix it. If it breaks Minecats, I'll remove it.

Server Status