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NEWS Minecats Snappy is now standalone again


Staff member
Snappy is no longer accessible through play.minecats.com, however will be available in the near future through test.minecats.com only, again.

Due to lack of interest and some minor issues resulting from changes required to allow players to join Snappy through our normal connection addresses, and with a new Mojang snapshot version having been released complicating the ability for players to connect, ANNNND the amount of work needed to update everything to allow all that to happen with new snapshot version, Snappy is no longer available through play/uk/eu/us/sg.minecats.com

Snappy will continue to use the same world as it had while part of play.minecats.com - which was the same world used for the 1.15 snapshots. We'll continue to use the same world until such time as an update breaks the current world, or major changes come to the over world which requires a fresh world to experience the changes.

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes. However, on a bright note: Players can log in to both Snappy and Minecats' main servers with the same account again (provided your computer(s) can handle it.

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