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My History on Minecats Creative, A thank you to Cindy_K and staff.


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Hey. I'm not sure if you've heard of me, you probably haven't.

I have went through many usernames over the years, weslyxy101, ProPandaPlayer, iPqndq, just to name a few. there's been ten, but i'm not here for that.

I made this forum account for this one post. a thank you. for making my childhood the shining star that it was on Minecraft, and helping me make some of the friends that I have today.

I got my first Minecraft account in early 2014, that account was hacked in 3 months. then I got my second one, the account that I still use today.

The first server I joined was actually Minecats, and that's where this story kicks off.

I have seen this server at it's peak. When n_harmonia was actually active and kidding around with the server folk. I started off small with f**king around with blocks, and eventually moved to make great things happen. players were chatting and messing around with one another.

early 2016 is when I started my first head shop. I was so proud of it. It maybe had 20 heads and 2 banners, but I didn't care. that is when I started collaborating with different players for all of us to grow as one. It was kind of a cartel for heads, but we didn't care. This was minecats for heavens sake!

things only got bigger and better from there. I remember fondly when creative often crashed because of the sheer amount of things that were happening, and everyone would all frantically refresh forms just for creative to kick back up again. it was laggy as all hell, but I didn't care. it was hilarious, and I loved it.

late 2017-early 2018 is when minecats started to fall, and my head anarchy down with it. I stayed committed, but eventually fell off the rails and moved on to other games. not forgetting about minecats however, I kept popping in and seeing if anyone wanted to build a mansion or something. but to no avail, or people yelling at me be quiet for some reason, I left.

I come today to nobody on the server, and with nothing to do, I just leave.

I will still be around, popping my head in once in a while, just to see how things are coming along. I will hope for the day that the server will flourish once more.

Cindy_K, staff, I would just like to thank you for making my childhood awesome with Minecats, and sparking my love for videogames as strong as it is. I love you guys.

WB. (or PandaGD)

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