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Hello! I'd be surprised if anyone remembers me but I'm NifitsaLand (Galini/Serenity/Seri) and I used to play on this server 4 years ago. I just happened to have the YouTuber rank on Survival, Skyblock and Creative since I used to make videos on Minecats.

I was on a hiatus for a while due to studies and the fact that this year I'll be taking Panhellenic exams which will "set my uni fate". Also, I grew up and my preferences have changed. It's insane to think that I started playing on this server when I was 13 years old and now I'm almost an adult. Terrifying.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is due to my deciding to share some odd videos I made on this server circa 2015, when my mindset was of an angsty adolescent. I found these while going through a sentimental rabbit hole of binge-watching my old unlisted videos. I have made 15 videos on minecats, however, I will not link them all because they're way too cringe-worthy and I don't want to make anyone suffer, haha!

Minecats Server Montage: (sorry for your eyes)

Somehow my most popular Minecats video:

Mediocre builds on creative:

One of my many Survival server (narcissistic) videos:

In conclusion, I'm happy to see this server still up and running, and I'm deeply sorry for my 13-14 year old self, haha. If you know me, hmu! I'd be glad to chat and catch up with you!

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