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Parkours warp areas updates


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Parkours server has had some updates to some areas:

/warp areas:
Icecastle is now much more difficult to exist in. Chests are restocked much longer. Player damage is no longer denied. (You and a friend can go figure out what that means) Loots can be dropped and collected. The free hugs are... abundant! The time in the icecastle area is now locked to night, so plenty of mobs will spawn and attempt to kill the players. ICECASTLE OVERALL DIFFICULTY HAS BEEN INCREASED CONSIDERABLY!
You've really gotta earn them emeralds now! :)

Dungeon now also has free hugs... also in abundance. Spider and Creeper spawner areas have had their entrances bolstered to prevent escapees. The upstairs is now the hugging room. The hugging room is kind of like an assisted living facility, full of old grumpy guys, and now has a babygate on the stairs going up.

Wither - OMG! MORE FREE HUGS!!! Overall difficulty has been increased... either by very little, or by a whole lot, depending on if you used the cheaty hidy spots or not. To use them now, you will be fending off all the free hugs. The stairs from ground floor up now have a mob-resistant jump to them.

Good luck players!

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