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Possibility of a helpful app for the members of MineCats


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Hello MineCats! Most of you know me, some of you don't. My name is AhriFuur, but please call me Ahri. This post isn't an introduction, it's a poll to see if I should code a mobile app for MineCats' members to use.
Here's what the app will do:
  • Allow members to vote for MineCats within the app
  • Allow members to check server status (provided by Dinnerbone's website)
  • Allow members to request new features (these features need to be cleared by AeSix and cindy_k first!)
Please reply if you're interested in this type of app!


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personally, i think this would be a really nice and/or unique addition, and if people go on vacations, longer trips, or just can't access their computer, they still have the chance to keep up with voting and the server in general.


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Not a bad idea... not sure how great it can be though as the vote sites still require players to log into them with a web browser... AND since you need a web browser to vote, then https://vote.minecats.com can be used just as easily, no?

I think using Dinnerbone's site would be a bad idea. Using this open source code to write the mechanism into the app would be a great idea though. Of course, there's already apps that do that, more generically, and then there's the server status up and to the right...

But if you're serious about writing an app for Minecats, we can talk - I have a few ideas :)

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