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Should Minecats be turned back on?


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We were asked to state 'Good' reasons why Minecats and its companions, Discord and these very forums, should be allowed to continue. I've read though some of the replies but if I were to answer myself (and I am now) I don't think I can come up with a single 'Good' reason.

I can only think of selfish, self serving reasons. I understand some of Aesix's concerns. The severs are dead most of the time. we spend our days answering the same damn question. "Where is everyone? This used to be a very active server." Its funny how the person can't see the irony in this. YOU LEFT!

I've been over this more times than I care to count but the point is always missed. Minecats is a community. We are community driven and we need active players to exist. Not to mention that it costs $$$ to keep all this going even when there is only one person playing at 12:50 pm on a Friday.

I won't claim moral superiority over anyone on this, I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to not doing everything I can to support the Minecats community. I don't expect anyone (even Aesix) to give all their time and energy to this server but is it too much to ask for an hour a day? A week? A month?

I have selfish reasons for wanting Minecats to continue. Minecats is my escape. I need it. And it needs me. It needs you.

Aesix wants us to give him 'Good' reasons to keep the server up and running. I honestly don't think there is one. (sue me if you think you do) So all I can do is state my selfish reasons.

  • Minecats is my escape. the world sucks and the people in it are horrible. I come here to be someone else and play Minecraft.
  • Minecats helps me run down the clock every day. I admit, I have nothing going on in my life. I get up around noon. I go to the garage and start my computer and open Discord. On the rare occasion my laptop doesn't catch on fire and I can play for a while. Other days I sit and stare at the screen waiting for one of the channels in Discord to indicate a new message. I sometimes get lucky and get to leave the garage for a few hours. But most days its just me running out the clock until its time to sleep.

What are your selfish reason for wanting Minecats to remain?

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