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St. PatricksDay Event!


To give is to recieve
Hello everyine! We have started the St. Patricksday event on Lionsden. Its a book thats setup as a guide to take you on a journey through Lionsden. Its goal it to get to know Lionsden and the SLimeFun and Exotic Plants pluggin. And, of course, having fun!


The event will run untill St. Patricksday (March 17th) and there will be some prizes for the one with the most correct answers =)
So get online, come to the shop and get yr book from the dispenser in the corner! If needed, we also supply free book & quills for the answers. When done, drop the book again in the hopper. Good Luck!


To give is to recieve
Heyy all!
Just one more week to go before the event ends. So make sure you have participated! Theres actual prizes to be won so give it some real effort =)

For Lionsden:

For Skyblock:


Staff member
Congratulations to the winners of the St. Patrick’s Day server event on lionsden, skyblock and creative. Hopefully everyone had fun and was able to learn something new.

1st Place - PracticalRose
$15 store credit (given)
8k treats (given)

2nd Place - Skelematt
$5 store credit
6k treats

2nd Place - Skelajon
$5store credit
6k treats

3rd Place - Semicter
$5 store credit (given)
4k treats (given)

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