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Staff info, positions & descriptions


Staff member
The Minecats Community staff are all players who want to give back to the community. Every staff is a volunteer

This information is here for ALL players, so they understand what it means to be staff.

Because staff are unpaid volunteers, there are some considerations:
First and foremost, real life always must come first.
There's a few reasons for this - one, if you're an adult and you put Minecats before your work, you'll soon be out of a job, can't pay your internet and then electric bills, then you'll be homeless - and you can't work on Minecats if you're homeless without internet and power. Right? Another reason is, if you're a student, you need to focus on doing good in school. Though school may seem pointless, the paper you get at the end will help you later in life to succeed and prosper. That means having a job, paying bills and not being homeless. Which means being able to do fun things like play/help on Minecats.
Another, and possibly the most important reason for putting real life before Minecats is pretty simple - but pretty big. We don't want the drama of your life affecting Minecats. If you have something you need to deal with and correct which is preventing you from being your best and doing a quality job on Minecats, you need to handle that first. Technically, the first two are covered under this - but those are the two more common issues staff have. But this also includes situations such as arguments with friends, moving, new babies, new pets, health issues, anything that could cause you to not be your best. I know Minecats can be an 'escape' from all that, and can help each individual to cope with those situations - and that's fine, as long as Minecats is not adversely affected. We're all here to enjoy ourselves, and when a staff (or any player for that matter, but especially those representing Minecats) are having a bad day, it can easily cause others around them to suffer as well.

Even though Minecats staff are not paid, it is still a role of responsibility. This means staff are given privileges and control. It also means that each staff is expected to make an effort to do their best - to do their job to the best of their ability; to be on as often as they can without impacting real life; and to see to it that tasks they take on are completed.

There are certain expected and implied aspects to being staff.
It is expected that the staff will fully understand, comply with and enforce the Minecats rules. It is also expected that when staff say they will do something for the betterment of Minecats, they do it in a timely manner, seeking assistance where needed. Timely manner does not mean you have to work 40 hours a week on Minecats - it just means that if a project should take no more than 3 days, then it shouldn't take a month to complete, but 7(n)0 days is understandable. After all, there's real life to deal with.
It is implied that staff will act, chat and otherwise behave appropriately for a family friend public community. It is also understood that staff will be active participants on Minecats' Minecraft games, and on the Discord chat, again when available and life isn't being a pain in the rear.
These are just some of the more important things. Staff have other rules and policies they must follow to stay on staff.

Staff position descriptions:

* ChatMod is displayed in-game as "CubTamer"
* This is the first, basic position on Minecats Minecraft.
* ChatMods are given ChatMod position on every server upon acceptance to staff.
* Ensures chat is calm & appropriate for an all-ages - if it wouldn't be in a Disney movie, it's NOT OK for Minecats.
* These staff have the ability to mute players, and to request assistance from higher staff for bans, if needed.
* ChatMods receive /helpop requests, and are also given access to various private chat channels, in-game and on discord.
* Like community helpers, all ChatMods are expected to continue to help players with minor issues, understanding of Minecats, the rules and game play aspects.
* Required before applying for or being granted the Moderator position

* Moderator is displayed in game as "Mewderator" (sensing a cat theme here?)
* Moderators are promoted from ChatMod on a per-server basis only.
* The most basic function of the Moderator is to moderate game play,, and requesting assistance from Admins+ as needed.
* These staff is responsible for making sure that there is no inappropriate builds (shapes or block-words), signs, etc.
* Moderators handle /modreq requests where possible, and communicate to higher staff where needed.
* Required before applying for or being granted GM or Admin positions.

: (aka GM)
* GMs create smaller, server specific special events for all players to join, play and win rewards.
* GMs inherit Moderator role, with additional privileges as needed to create, run and complete their events.
* GMs also moderate chat, gameplay and builds for their events, with assistance from other staff as needed.
* May have some additional privileges taken from Admin position. Consider GameMaster as "Jr Admin" in this regard.
* GM may be promoted to Admin.

* Displayed as "Catmin" (hehehe! So pawesome!)
* Admins are promoted from GM or Moderator, on a per-server basis.
* Ability to enforce all rules, and correct players and staff unwilling to abide by the rules.
* Can mute, kick, and ban.
* May assign players to a community helper position in recognition of that players' good works for Minecats

* Displayed as SrAdmin - CreativeAdmin, SurvivalAdmin, ArcadeAdmin, AdventurAdmin (HUH!? Read below!)
* Has same responsibilities, control and knowledge of Admin on the server arch-type.

We have 4 server arch-types, and 4 SrAdmin positions. Survival-type, Creative-type, Arcade-type and Adventure-type. SrAdmin position is SrAdmin on all of the servers of an arch-type. "Survival SrAdmin" is SrAdmin on all of Minecats survival-type servers, including Survival, Vanilla and LionsDen.
* SrAdmins have the ability to global ban players
* Assists all staff in lower positions with tasks, events, and issues.
* Helps guide the direction of the servers, with new feature requests
* pays attention to player complaints and requests to communicate to staff as needed.

* Displayed as GameOp
* The GameOp is responsible for ensuring the social and game-play aspects of Minecats runs smoothly
* All SrAdmin abilities, privileges, control, etc for all servers
* directs the SysOp to perform server work as needed, such as new plugins, world fixes, plugin updates, config changes, etc.
* Is the staff boss. Responsible for ensuring all staff are being staff. Works with SysOp and Owner to promote Moderators to Admins and Admins to SrAdmin.

* Perferms every duty from every position below.
* Ensure the server hosts and game servers are running optimally, effeciently and safely.
* Responsible for updates, upgrades, back-end work and new server builds
* Reports to the owner, works with the Owner, SysOp, SrAdmins and Admins to ensure the games are working properly
* Ensures the players are on their toes with the occasional troll - Did somebody say infernal wither!?
* Minecats Windows and Linux Systems, database, security, network and backups Admin duties

* Owns (like, legitimately, legally, financially owns) The Minecats brand, websites/services, game servers
* Owns all financial responsibilities for Minecats - including paying the bills!
* Her word is law which all must follow. (Including the SysOp))

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