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This is the Minecats policy to regulate the actions and behavior of those whom represent the Minecats community as staff. This information is made publiclly available so as to allow all players who wish to become staff to view and agree to this policy before applying for staff.

If you cannot agree to the terms in this policy, you should not apply for staff.

All current staff members are to seek the staff role on the forums in order to access and agree to the "official" Staff Policy post with staff agreement signatures. Failure to agree and abide by the staff policy will result in being removed from staff.

ALL STAFF WHO ARE NOT STAFF ON THE FORUMS: Contact AeSix_Reficul so your forum positions can be adjusted.
ALL CURRENT STAFF are expected to read, understand, and agree to this policy, and to "sign" the Official Staff Policy (Only staff can view)

========================================= Begin =========================================

MineCats Staff Protocols
Welcome to the Staff Team!
This document outlines the MineCats Staff Protocols, which are intended to promote a good relationship between players/staff and an enjoyable experience for everyone. Staff are expected to share information and collaborate as a team with the goal of providing superior support and the success of MineCats

  • Be friendly, helpful and use common sense to judge situations wisely. A bad mood can affect how you treat players and fellow staff, so know when to log off and take a break. Remember that you represent MineCats and should serve as a good example to all.
  • Respect one another. Treating each other with integrity is crucial. Appreciate diversity of preferences, ideas and experiences. Always assume goodwill and listen to each other with an open mind. Respecting those who you work with reveals your desire to create a healthy work environment. Polite communication, appropriate interactions and respect for coworkers' thoughts and ideas demonstrate your ability to look beyond your own interests to pursue team-centered work goals. You will notice that as you deal with coworkers in a honest and respectable behavior, you establish a level of trust with them.
  • Abide by all of the /rules. Nobody is exempt from them including you.
  • Do not bribe or accept bribes from other players or staff.
  • Do not give players or other staff hints to competitions.
  • We need to be a co-operative team and should act like one. Do not gossip or speak unkindly of other staff. What is said in staff chat stays in staff chat unless told otherwise. If you feel another staff member is doing something in a wrong way, you are encouraged to provide suggestions and discuss it with them directly.
  • If a problem continues or you are simply uncertain how to approach a matter, please involve higher staff for assistance.
  • We welcome suggestions and constructive feedback about our servers and network. If you have a great idea, please share.
  • You have duties to prioritize, but we want our players and staff to be creative and enjoy the server. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  • Always be on the lookout for potential additions to our team. If you feel a player would make a great Helper or ChatMod, discuss with an Admin.
  • If a server is down or there are problems you cannot solve, immediately notify the proper personnel on discord.
  • Staff Protocols still apply to you and must be followed.
  • Do not create shops from items you’ve acquired from anywhere aside from survival mode. That includes items from /i and creative mode. (Does not apply to the Creative/CreativeVIP servers)
  • Help keep the economy strong and don’t undersell other players by more than about 10%. Selling higher is preferred.
  • Do not give players items that were not legitimately obtained in survival mode. That does not include items for competitions.
  • Bans should be fair and only put in action if all of the evidence required is provided. Make sure you are one hundred percent certain a ban is required before banning.
  • Do not teleport players to special biomes, coords or other players. Teach them how to use one of the teleport commands that are available on our servers.
  • Claims are eligible to expire after 90 days and all player-built structures can be automatically removed. Do not redo builds for players.
  • Assist and mentor other staff and players.
  • In addition to looking out for potential Helpers or ChatMods, notify Admins if you believe a ChatMod would make a great Moderator.
  • Staff and Moderation Protocols still apply to you and must be followed.
  • Do not give specific permission nodes to users/groups, change suffixes/prefixes unless specified by the Owners/SysOp.
  • Do not give/sell players extra Claim Blocks, Tokens, Plots, or items from creative mode, unless it is a prize approved by GameOp/SysOp/Owner.
  • When promoting Helpers, ChatMods and Moderators, provide proper training, be it by yourself or another staff member. Please inform all Staff Members of any promotions in “The Pride” channel on discord and assign the promoted user to the correct discord role. As well as ensure they are added to /sc, that means you must ask a GameOP, SysOP or Owner upon promotion.
  • Organize competitions, scavenger hunts and other activities to encourage players and staff to have an awesome time on our servers.
  • Praise Staff as well as players as they will feel more appreciated. Always welcome help to build a better community. If in a healthy environment, Staff will be more productive and players will be more likely to donate.
  • Be influential and help inspire the commitment of team members to meet MineCats goals and objectives.

Welcome to our team and thank you so much for being part our server and helping with it, it is much appreciated!

DOCUMENTATION BY: Vitalbra and BlueCharm, edited and approved by AeSix_Reficul
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