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State of Minecats - July 2019


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Good news, everyone! (Prof. Farnsworth, January 3000)

Staff stuff
May and June has brought some less than pleasant changes to Minecats.
We have lost some staff, namely n_harmonia, ElwoodN, and some others, for varying reasons.
BlueCharm is on hiatus, for personal reasons and may one day re-join us.

However, we have also gained some new staff - a few new chatmods, and Draiocht_ has been promoted to Senior Admin. She has been doing a wonderful job and all the props should go to her!

Behind the scenes work
We've been busy working to get a better, off-site backups solution going, which will be completed soon. This will allow us to have physical copies of all of Minecats data backups at our home, as well as on the servers in the datacenters. Anyone who remembers a few months ago, we had an issue with one of our hosting providers destroying our data due to their accounting system not applying our payments correctly.

Growing Minecats
Cindy has been hard at work creating AWESOME new memeish ads for Minecats on Instagram. Her current ad has reached 15 THOUSAND people in 5 days and has 5 more days to go! Absolutely amazing! Even if 1% of those people join Minecats, that's over 150 new faces! (We have had over 1200 new, unique visitors to Minecats since Cindy has started the ads)

I have been working to smooth our some issues with configurations for the Minecraft game servers, proxy and gateway servers, and data storage. I've also been working with plugin developers to get some of our more important plugins up to snuff for 1.13.2 (which is still an issue for everyone!) and investigating 1.14 problems, plugins, problems, updates, problems, more problems...

Future Plans
We have decided that until Mojang gets their act together and produces a stable Minecraft 1.14.x server, we will refrain from updating Minecats beyond 1.13.2 We may, however re-add 1.14.x client compatible connections in the future for 1.13.2 servers. By doing so, this will allow players to use the 1.14 client to connect to Minecats - HOWEVER IT WILL NOT GIVE ANY NEW BLOCKS, ITEMS, or MOBS. This will cause those new items in the client inventory to become useless on these servers, which causes players to complain that "Hey! I can't use this new item!" - and so everyone needs to calmly remind them that the servers are only 1.13.2

Skyblock & Parkours is still at Minecraft 1.12.2 due to the plugins being used not having all been updated for the previous server upgrades work cycle. A new round of server upgrades will happen soon, and Skyblock & Parkours will be be upgraded to 1.13.2 at that time. We may, at that time, update Skyblock separately from Parkours, as many of the parkour builds rely on 1.12.2 mechanics to function properly.

We may also look at doing a "LionsDen - Season 2" - a 1.14 server in the near future, once Mojang releases a stable 1.14 server. The current LionsDen server will remain available for a short time after the introduction of LDs2. No builds, items, inventory, will be transferred, outside of some nicer builds present for aesthetic purposes, at staff discretion. LDs2 would be a new server, with a few changes, and possibly a new world.

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