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Subscription vs Donations vs Coupons vs Tokens vs Effort


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So, there's 5 ways a player can gain additional privileges, responsibilities and control in Minecats.
These ways include spending money, winning competitions & contests, voting like crazy, or putting effort, all towards the betterment of Minecats.

First, a comparison of these ways:
Money - This is done through purchasing subscription or donation packages through buycraft.
Comps/Contests - These are special events run by Minecats for the players to enter and win. Often monthly.
Voting - Certain features can be obtained (temporarily) through the token shops on each server.
Effort - Players who help players; help staff; or build awesome things for Minecats may be rewarded.

Helper/Staff positions (Effort)
Players who are known to help other players with in-game issues, to follow the rules, and are happy, welcoming members of the community may earn the Knight position. Players who help test new features, game-play elements, and parkour courses, and do so with good open communication, and are also happy, welcoming memebers of Minecats may earn the Tester position. Players who create amazing builds, spawns, and other awesome things in-game for Minecats, and who are also happy, welcoming memebers may earn the Builder position. Any player in any of these three positions may become a Trainee. During this time, those players will learn how to use some basic commands to help moderate the chat channels, what chat channels to moderate and how, and when to seek assistance from higher staff. Trainees will retain their previous Helper position as well if they were Builder. After some time of being a Trainee, when the admins feel that Trainee is ready, they will be promoted to ChatMod. ChatMods carry two duties - to moderate the chat, and to learn to moderate game play aspects (such as learning LogBlock, looking for inappropriate builds) and will learn when and how to handle these things. ChatMods may be promoted to Moderator. Moderators may be promoted to Admin, and Admin to SrAdmin.

*Additionally, players who are long time, loyal members of Minecats may be promoted to "Elder" which includes several benefits over the standard "Villager" position which is earned after a short time as a "Peasant" - All three of these positions are referred to as "Cub" - Peasant is "Guest Cub", Villager is "Memeber Cub" and Elder being loyal and trusted is "Elder Cub" (To be clear, all Donator and Subscriber positions are also Cubs, with Cub being our non-staff positions)

Competitions and Contests:
Players may be rewarded by various means. This may be coupons usable in the BuyCraft store (limitations may apply), Tokens, temporary positions boosts, or in-game items, currencies or various other things. It is possible for a comp/contest winner to obtain subscription or donation packages using coupons, or equivalent position increases by other rewards.

Similar to Competition and Contest winners, there are certain rewards available only to those who vote, and others which are similar to subscription or donation packages. These tokens can be used to buy various things from the token shop, from add-on packages to items to temporary boosts.

Subscription and Donation:
These positions are what generate income for, and helps keep Minecats running. There are 4 tiers of each, though not all tiers are available on each game server. Though Donators have all of the permissions of Subscribers, there are a few differences between them:

* Monthly renewal required
* May subscribe to any tier (Civilian, Patron, Hero or Sentinel)
* IS granted on ALL servers which support it, for the entire month
* Does NOT come with some non-revocable rewards which would irreparably stack month after month
* Allows testing main benefits of Donator positions on each server
* May allow access to a separate, Members-only server for duration of subscription
* Has special position badges and and access to more Title packs

* One time donation per position
* Must donate incrementally to upgrade position: Citizen -> Patriot -> Defender -> Guardian
* Is granted per-server only, each server requiring separate donations to obtain these positions
* DOES come with stackable, permanent changes, such as additional plots and claimblocks
* Has all benefits of the same tier of Subscriber position, without some of the drawbacks
* May also allow access to a separate, Member-only server with donation towards Defender or higher.
* Has special position badges and access to some Title packs

==================== Minecats Position equivalency chart ====================

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