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Why donating to Minecats is important


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The Minecats community is quite a vast endeavor, with resources similar to large companies. We have the expenses of a large company as well, but a very small income into Minecats. And so, I want to explain why it is important to donate.
I want to be very clear: We have no plans to shut down Minecats any time soon.

Minecats services include, first and foremost, our Minecraft game network. We have servers running network proxies to allow for more stable connections to players across the globe. There are the servers which are used for various utility work that is done behind the scenes - such as catching votes from vote sites and taking backups of the game servers.

There are paid services as well, such as our BuyCraft store, ads, domain names, and more. We also have websites for forums, support tickets, and our main web pages.

We utilize some "free" services as well, Discord, Twitter, Reddit (sort of?), and other social media sites run by Cindy. There are other sites as well, such as each and every vote site found on https://vote.minecats.com which Cindy and I manage.

Many of our plugins are custom made, by Cindy, or are maintained and updated by her. In addition, there are several plugins which we have purchased the premium versions of due to features needed. (Some plugins did not update their free version for 1.13, and to update require(d/s) purchasing the premium version)

Cindy and I run Minecats because we love the community, love being able to offer a family friendly atmosphere where everyone, regardless of creed, ethnicity, religion, politics, personal ideologies, etc are welcome and treated equally and fairly. We put as much effort and heart into Minecats as we can, when we can. We also put in all of the operational costs associated with all of Minecats. And it is expensive to run a business as expansive as Minecats is.

Cindy and I, nor any staff are paid to work on Minecats. In fact, Cindy and I make sure all of the bills are paid so that everyone can play and work on Minecats. Some of those bills we would have regardless of Minecats, such as our internet, power and computers at home. Some we may have, but have differently, such as servers Cindy and I use for programming and development. So we readily accept those costs.

For quite a while, Minecats was bringing in a lot of donations every month. For a while, there was enough that Cindy was able to pass some of those funds on to some of the staff who had helped to build, grow and manage Minecats. It would be really nice to get back to a point where we can send those staff giftcards again, or even to just have Minecats be able to pay for itself.

It's very expensive to run Minecats. With all expenses, including one-off purchases, and yearly domain renewals, it's somewhere between $8k and $10k per year. As I said above, we love being able to offer Minecats to everyone, and to do so freely. But it would help ensure Minecats continues to operate in full if Cindy and I do not always have to cover the full cost every month.

We have no plans to shut down Minecats any time soon. However, if we continue to see a decline in donations, we will be forced to consider other options, downsizing, or some sort of paid access. These are not good solutions, and would be a bad thing for Minecats.

So it is, with my heart on my sleeve, I ask for all to consider donating to Minecats. We offer various donation and subscription packages, as well as a way to donate altruistically. I, and the staff have been working very hard to get Minecats updated, and in a state where the games are most enjoyable. I also know that with several servers being offline, the level of enjoyment for Minecats members is less than optimal. We are working to get these servers updated and running properly.

Please consider donating. From $5 to $50, every one helps greatly to offset the cost of running our servers. You will find our various packages on our Tebex BuyCraft site: https://minecats.buycraft.net

If you would like to donate more than $50, or any amount and prefer not to donate through BuyCraft, you may do so by sending money to a money pool set up for Minecats Development servers here: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8bSCQoJwPA
(Full transparency, this pool is managed by me, though the funds are used only for Minecats server bills)

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