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Why voting for Minecats is important


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The Minecats Community will only grow if new people learn about us. This is done with advertising, social media, and placement on server/vote sites.

First, voting helps Minecats by increasing our reputation on these sites. The more votes we have, the relevant we appear to players looking for new servers and communities. It is also a boost to player morale when they see others voting for Minecats.

When a player votes, they will receive a vote token (sometimes more!) These tokens can be spent on various items on most of the game servers Minecats hosts. Some things which are obtainable through the token shop include in-game currency, special privileges, and unique items not obtainable any other way.

Voting players are also entered into a monthly competition for the most votes. The top voters of each month receives rewards for having voted the most. These can include coupons for Minecats' BuyCraft store, additional tokens, or other special privileges, features, or items. Entering the competition is automatic when a player votes, and any player may opt-out of the competition if they are in the top 5 at the end of the month. Staff, except ChatMods & Moderators, are excluded from the competition. (GameMaster, Admin, SrAdmin, GameOp, SysOp and Owner are not eligible for top voter rewards. This makes the competition more fair for players, though EVERY ONE is encouraged to vote as often as possible!)

Voting brings the voting player tokens, and possibly other cool rewards as well.
Voting allows new people to see how awesome the players know Minecats is.
Voting helps bring in new players who will also vote and donate to Minecats.
And Voting gives an encouraging boost to other players and the staff!

Please, remember to vote every day: https://vote.minecats.com

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