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Word and term definitions as used by Minecats


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The Minecats Community is an expansive and potentially limitless community. We're also a bit different than a lot of communities online. We have distinctions between certain things, which other places would consider the same. Here, you will learn those differences. There will be a word, phrase or term, followed by what it means.

The Minecats Community:
This is the people, games, chat, sites and services which all come together to form an online community. Our community comprises the owners (cindy_k and AeSix_Reficul), the staff, the loyal players, and new people who may or may not play on our games but who participates in the community in other ways. Our services include Minecraft, Discord, forums, website, and occasionally other games as well.

Every person not owner or staff. Minecats is open to everybody in the general public population.

Any person whom has contributed funds to Minecats. This means real, legal tender money, which has been given to Minecats freely, altruistically or in return for the opportunity to receive a gift from the owners.

Any person who has shown loyalty, helpfulness, obedience to the rules, friendliness towards all other players, and whom has been recognized for this with additional privileges, control and knowledge of the workings of Minecats.

Everybody on Minecats has a position. This could be a public position, donator position or staff position. Brand new people are in the 'default' / 'guest' (aka Cub) position. After a short time, when it is evident that person wants to remain part of the community, at least for more than a few minutes, will be promoted to Villager position.
Positions apply to the community - Minecraft, forums and discord (to some extent or another and in varying ways)

Ranks are NOT what one purchases or obtains as staff. Ranks, on Minecats are a special sub-set of position which apply towards one of two effort and skill based game types: Minigames and PvP. (defined later)

These are sets of permissions, and the bases for the naming, display and permissions of positions within Minecraft (and potentially other games) There are groups which may be assigned to players which are NOT part of Positions.

Various groups have badges (this is colloquially referred to as Prefix or Suffix in other Minecraft communities). These badges may be part of a Position group, or additional/bonus groups. Players with access to the mature chat will have a "(*)" badge suffixing their names.

Minecats has additional badges which may be displayed as part of the player's name display in chat on Minecraft. These are short words or phrases which the player can purchases access to, and use with the /titles command in-game. Titles are nothing more than an aesthetic add-on, and may be used to communicate emotions, play-group membership, or to show fandom for certain topics.

There's some ambiguity with this one. There is a plugin called "Minigames" and is used on several game servers. There is a game server (planned) named Minigames. There is a sub-type of Minecraft called minigame - which may or may not use the Minigames plugin. For our purposes, a minigame is a game, either on a dedicated server, or on the minigames server, which has strict goals, and which provides rewards for completion. These games have goals which can be time, point, or skill based systems for determining advancement. Parkour courses are minigames with a skill based system - you must get to the end goal for each course. Skyblock (once fixed) will have a point system for island builds, advancing players this way. Some games may be timed, and the task must be completed before the deadline.

Player vs Player - This does NOT mean "rack up the death toll", but simply that the game requires players to compete against players, *usually* in some kind of fight against time, for points or also potentially for death tolls. Bed wars (not on Minecats) is a PvP game. KitPvP, also is a PvP game. Team vs Team or Group vs Group (such as capture the flag) is also under PvP. They may be player-kill PvP arenas in some servers as well. Specific PvP type and rules will be posted per server/game/arena as needed.

A note on Player kills / death tolls, when enabled on servers, are to be done without "camping", malice, or cheating. Players found to be camping spawns, repeatedly killing n00bs, or using any tool or method which gives an unfair advantage over normal players will be restricted and/or removed from the game.

The Minecats Community Minecraft server is actually comprised of multiple Minecraft servers. Our mainline of servers are connected to with one of several addresses, but primarily with play.minecats.com - This is actually a Minecraft proxy server (BungeeCord) which clients connect to, and are them forwarded to a lobby server. From the lobby, players may choose to connect to one of our game servers (Creative, LionsDen, Survival, etc) Other servers may require an alternate address to use, such as test.minecats.com for our Snappy (new version testing server)

A very basic server, with nothing to do but read about Minecats, chat with other players and proceed to the game servers. This is also known as a hub server.

We have several servers across the Earth which allow players in those regions to have a more stable connection to the Minecats global network. These are reached with eu.minecats.com, uk.minecats.com, sg.minecats.com and us.minecats.com (coming soon!) These servers forward player's client connections to our BungeeCord server through a private, lower latency, stable connection across the internet.

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